About eNimantran.com

We are the unique website where you can plan Indian events, festivals for sending eNimantran(invitation) to your friends and family.  You can also plan activities that you love to do with your family and friends like go to movie, go for hiking/biking. You can publish detail schedule of the event/party so guests don’t have to guess about what to expect at your party. We are pleased to offer this service for planning your events and sending invitation in your own unique style.

The idea came when we were not able to plan Indian festivals/events online and send personalized email invitations. Also there was no online tool available for planning event timely. We just don’t wanted our guests to tell the event starts at 5 pm and ends at 10 pm. We wanted to inform the guests bout the details of event.

It’s all FREE. It is free to send and receive invitation. You just need to register to start using our site. Welcome to eNimantran !!!

Our Mission

Our mission at eNimantran.com is to make event planning and sending invitation as simple as possible with all Indian cultural touch.

Just 4 easy steps to send your eNimantran -

  1. Choose design
  2. Add event details and personal message to guests
  3. Add guest email addresses
  4. Send eNimantran (invitation) via email

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